Above The Rail Magazine

I have been very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to be a huge part of Above The Rail Magazine since it started 3 months ago. My husbands cousin started this magazine out in California and approached me in hopes of helping her to make this happen. My title with the magazine is marketing/web sales. I am also the web developer and built and maintain the current website. I have contributed many of my photos for previous issues, business cards and marketing items and was also flown out there this past month to personally shoot several events specifically for the September issue. My photos made appearances on multiple pages throughout the magazine and even made the front cover. I am sure there was a little bias there being I am related to the editor, but non the less, I am featured in a wonderful magazine full of my passion, horses!

ImageI am looking forward to many more trips out to Cali to shoot more events for the magazine. So far the magazine has been doing well and people really seem to like it. Crossing my fingers that this becomes a huge success and I am looking forward to watching it grow.

Feel free to visit the website and enjoy the photos, articles and ads from current and previous issues. Feel free to express your opinion to the editor on what you would like to see in the magazine and what you think could improve it!

You can also find Above The Rail on Facebook and Twitter


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