California Love

So I just spent 7 days in California again, and of course fell in love AGAIN! I am so obsessed with this state it isn’t funny. The weather is amazing, the water is beautiful, there are mountains, snow, dessert, and sooo much more! I visited the small town of San Clemente, and it’s one of my favorite towns. The people are so friendly, the atmosphere is so relaxing, and the view is gorgeous! They have a beautiful pier with restaurants and the cutest little shack to get small things to eat. The sunset there is also ridiculously amazing! Being a lover of photography, of course I caught as many sunsets as possible! Some days the colors were like a painting. Just stunning really!


I talked my friend Amie into joining me on my trip and what a blast we had together. Friends since we were kids and both avid barrel racers, we have so much in common and just enjoy being around each other. We went to every place imaginable that we could squeeze into our 7 days there. We went to Santa Monica Pier, Chinatown, Rodeo Drive, Hollywood Blvd., Beverly Hills, a taping of Chelsea Lately, Mission Viejo Rodeo, Del Mar Grand Prix Jumping show, the Hollywood Sign, Laguna Beach, Table Rock and more… I don’t think we ever stopped unless we were sleeping. I took her to see the Hollywood sign since it was one of my favorite drives while I was there, and she was just as stunned at the view as I was. We of course took several photos, and even did some really funny ones that I still have to pull off my camera. I took over 2500 photos while I was there. What fun I will have going through those!

My Favorite location in Cali thus far is Table Rock in Laguna Beach. The water is crystal clear, the waves are beautiful, it’s private and empty. When the water rushes up on the rocks, it’s quite a sight! I could have sat there all day long and just absorbed the sun and scenery.

I could go on and on about all the amazing sights, but these few were my absolute favorite! We ate some amazing food, and some not so amazing food. Next time I go though, I have a few new places to try, and a few that I must go back to.

I am definitely seeing another trip back within the next year or so. But we will see since starting next month I will be in wedding planning mode (and I don’t think we will be going somewhere we have already been for a honeymoon). But either way, I will be back as soon as I can get there.


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