Thank god I’m a country girl!

This past weekend was a very hard working weekend around my house! All day Saturday my father, Chris and one of his friends set the poles for my barn. I never knew how much work went into this, but have now learned that it’s a very tedious job. I spent most of Saturday entertaining Chris’ friends wife. I probably should have been working on the fence, but I think the boys really needed a supervisor! Plus, I had just spent several days putting in posts already, so it was my turn to take a break.

Sunday Chris and I worked the whole day on the fence and put all the gates in. That was quite a task being we used telephone poles for our gate posts. Those things aren’t going anywhere!!! Chris also spent a majority of the day playing on the tractor and brushing up on his tractor driving skills by clearing some of the under brush by the gates. He was looking like a true tractor driver with his farm hat and flowered board shorts. I knew I had a sexy husband the second he walked out in that outfit! I am sure he feels the same about me when I am in wearing shorts and boots, haha!

So yesterday I finally finished the last of the fence. Took me all evening, but it is DONE and my babies are coming home today! I am so excited to finally have them home for many reasons. The biggest one is that now I will be able see them right out my window anytime I want. I also will not have to drive to the old barn anymore (taking up valuable morning time).

Next weekend while I am on vacation Chris will be putting the roof on my barn. I guess I will definitely have to get him something nice while I am gone. He has really stepped up for me. I am so lucky to have a husband with his talents. I am pretty sure there is nothing he can’t do. From electronics to repairing cars, trucks, helo’s and even remodeling houses, he is so amazing! I’m such a lucky girl!!


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