Fox Manor – AKA Motel Fox

My home was recently referred to as “Motel Fox”, and Chris calls it Fox Manor. In the past few months we have opened up our home to several family members and friends that have either come to FL to visit for vacation or personal reasons. Yesterday my aunt, uncle and two cousins departed in the AM, and by 9:00PM, my other cousin, his amazing wife and two children moved in for a temporary stay at Fox Manor. We are not sure of the length of their stay, but either way we have opened our home up to them to help them in their situation.

Once my cousin and his family find their new residence, we will have a new resident as well. Chris’ cousin will be moving in with us while he finishes high school here in FL. Of course Chris would be excited since they both surf and love the beach. I am sure it will be quite an adjustment with a teenager in the house, but I am sure it will be fine.

Also moving in at Fox Manor will be my babies. Sugar, Stitch and Dollar will be moving into their new home this weekend. I have been working hard to get one of the pastures fenced, and my stalls are being built this weekend. I am so excited to finally have them home and to be able to look at them out of my bedroom window! There is nothing better than waking up to your horses calling you for their breakfast.

All of these things remind me of what a great decision it was to buy this beautiful house! Sometimes I think it’s too big (usually when I am cleaning floors), but knowing I have the space to offer to my friends and family at a time of need, it makes it all worth every inch! And the more we develop our property, the more I love all of our beautiful oak clusters, giant shade oaks that are scattered all over the property, and the beautiful lush grass that is growing in the pastures for my babies!

Now don’t get me wrong, the place is not perfect. But for our very first home, it’s more than perfect to us! It was definitely the best life changing decision Chris and I could have ever made.


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