Military Wife

Being a military wife has to be one of the hardest jobs. I am very lucky that my husband does not deploy for a year at a time, however, my husband is still gone a lot more than I would like. Between his UTA weekends, special trips, and his soon to be deployment, it’s almost like he is gone as much as an active duty airman. Fortunately I have an amazing family and some pretty awesome friends that keep me going through it all. It’s been 4 years since he joined and it’s still just as hard as the first time he left. Seems you never get used to it.

To keep myself busy while he is gone, I go go go… I am either at a horse show, riding my horses, doing a photo shoot, working around my house, or sleeping. And I am pretty sure that if I am sleeping, I am dreaming about what else I can do to occupy my time.

The only downfall to being so busy while my husband is gone is that it’s hard to slow down when he is home. I have to force myself, and then I get ants in my pants and can’t sit still. I even find myself wandering around the house trying to find something to do. Not that there isn’t a million things that can be done around my house, but of course I am not in the mood to do those items at that moment.

There are also so many benefits to being a military wife as well. The biggest benefit, I get to see my husband in uniform all the time! And boy does he look good in it! I also get to travel along with him on many occasions and see places I have never had a chance to see. Including my last trip to Key West. We also have the opportunity to stay at any base hotel, which is unbelievably cheaper than any hotel, and usually nicer! Since there are bases all over the place, and always in or near the nicest places, it leaves the possibilities endless! And those are only a few of the perks!

So with all that said, it’s hard job, but a rewarding job!


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