Finally getting some where!

Chris and I bought our first home back in May of 2012. After months and months of searching for a house on land, and only being able to find mobile homes on land, we finally found our house. It’s a 3br/2ba home on 3 acres and came fully equipped with 3 acres of woods. Unfortunately horses don’t do all that well in the thick woods, so we have slowly been clearing the land. This week our property will FINALLY be finished and ready to start fencing. It’s one of the best feelings to see something come together. I really thought I was never going to see all of it finished, and now we are on the home stretch!

Since I knew we would be clearing soon, I have been thinking about a barn. We cannot afford to build a full out barn right now, so I have been searching for something that might work for now. Well, lucky as I may be at times, I found a structure that I thought would make a perfect shedrow barn for my horses. I did some research, found the owner, and had a very nice chat with her. She was so super nice and told me that if we removed the structure, we could just have it. That alone is going to save me tons of money.

So with that all said, my babies should be home in no time. No more extra driving to feed, no more finding someone to feed way out there when I want to go out of town, and I will be able to see my babies right out my own window everyday!

This girl is excited!!!


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