Mr. Hot Stuff..

I am pretty sure that my 1 year old Mini Aussie Ringo knows he is a good looking little man. Almost every photo I take of him he looks like he is posing for the camera and I could absolutely see him in magazines and/or on tv. He is the sweetest little lover man, and knows how to use his looks to win you over for sure. I mean common, look at his face! How in the world do you ever get mad at that face? How could you ever tell him no? Even though he can be a terror by chewing on my down comforter and spreading feathers all over my bedroom, teams up with his brother to raid the cat litter box and then breath their stank in my face, and sometimes jumps in the truck for a ride and refuses to get out, it is impossible to stay mad at him. When he cuddles up next to you and looks up at you with those excruciatingly beautiful eyes, you just can’t help but to love him. I am starting to think that I might need to look into some doggie modelling. I am sure he would love to pose for any camera just as he always does for his mama!



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