I do, Take two! Fox Wedding

I know it’s been a while since I have blogged, but things have just been crazy busy! We FINALLY had our wedding, which was amazing, but nothing has slowed down for me at all! But honestly, I wouldn’t change it. Life would be so boring if I didn’t have anything to do.

So, as I said, we are married…. again, lol. The wedding was more than I could have ever imagined. Though there were a few bumps in the road, I never let it get to me and made it through without any breakdowns or anything! People kept asking me if I was ok because I was so calm and collected. My chairs and tables were supposed to be delivered the day before at noon, but at 4:00 they hadn’t arrived. I calmly contacted the vendor and asked what was going on. They informed me that they had me down as picking them up, but I specifically asked days before when I called to add more tables and chairs when they would be delivered, and I was told noon. But I kept my cool and agreed to allow them to bring them promptly at 8:00 the next morning. And that is just one of the bumps that I handled like a champ. Not that my inner biotch wasn’t screaming inside or anything, but I told myself that I would not let ANYTHING ruin my day. And nothing did!

So when I sent out my invites, I expected to only get back the statistically numbered 80% or so, but shockingly we received all but maybe 5. And of the total RSVP’s, only 2 didn’t show. I was shocked to say the least. But knew that we had invited all of our closest friends and family, and they always support us in everything that we do. So when I walked out and seen the full house sitting there, I was taken back. Just the most amazing feeling to have everyone we love the most there to share such a special day with them.

So we get through the ceremony, and then on to the good stuff… the reception. It started with our first dance, which was a mystery song. Chris decided he wanted to surprise me, so I gave in. Against my own will too. It was very hard to give that up as I have always imagined dancing to something we both choose together. But I put my pride aside and let him do it. So let me just paint the picture for you…. We walk out as we are introduced, the DJ (who was amazing) announced that this song was chosen by Chris and was a surprise, and then the song came on…. Well, I am sure my eyes were bigger than ever when the head banging heavy metal song came on, and I grabbed Chris’ arms and gave him the look of death and told him this better not be the song. He commenced to head banging for a few seconds, thus making me a wee bit upset, and then the DJ cut the song off and said he was kidding and played the real song. The song he chose was “What a Wonderful World” by Israel Kamakawiwo. I t was beautiful and took me back to our amazing trip in Hawaii. I was very proud of him for picking such a beautiful song.

I have to say, we seriously have some of the best people in our lives and they sure know how to have a good time. We had everything from little ones break dancing, to one of our closest friends Anthony showing off his Michael Jackson dancing skills on the dance floor. My cousin Onie shocked the hell out of me when she sang a song that Chris and I danced to. Of course I bawled my eyes out. Onie and I have not only been cousins our whole life, but best friends. It meant sooo much to me to have her sing at my wedding. And to hide it so well. My parents also surprised us with Charlie Gear, whom is an AMAZING fiddle player.

There is just so much that I could say about this day, but it would be a novel. But I do need to give credit where credit is due. My venue… AMAZING! We chose Swore Cottage in Weirsdale, FL which is owned by Scottie and Larry Swor, two of the nicest and welcoming people you will ever meet! I first seen this place when a friend of my shot a wedding there several years ago, and in turn referred a friend there for her wedding. Through seeing both of the sets of photos between my friends shoot and my other friend’s wedding, I was in love. Not only is this venue beautiful, but it is so accommodating in many ways. When you rent this venue, it includes two beautiful cottages for you to stay in from Thursday before the wedding, till the day after. It makes things so much more relaxing and stress free. There is also some extra space for RV parking, and plenty of parking for guests. They have all sorts of items you can use like an arch, a bar, wedding swing, and sooo much more! It really is the total package! So if you are looking to have an amazing outdoor wedding at a beautiful venue, PLEASE check out Swor Cottage! I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed!

My food… OMG, where do I start when it comes to the food. Well, it was in one word, AMAZING! My aunt Cheri went above and beyond for me. The food is still being talked about two weeks later! But I had no doubt that she would give me anything more than the best. You know why? Because she is the best! Everyone I talked to said how they have never had such amazing choices, and food that delicious at an event! But I knew this would be everyone’s reaction because she seriously has some mad skills in the kitchen! One of my friends was worried that there wouldn’t be enough food left because she was at one of the last tables to go eat, but I laughed when I heard that because I was there when we purchased everything for the food….. and it was A LOT! And that might even be an understatement! So if you are looking for someone to cater your event in the Nashville area, or even FL (I will gladly pay her gas money), she is the best. And she is another one that won’t disappoint! I can send you over 100 references just from my wedding alone! No joke!

My DJ… So, do any of you listen to 93.7 K Country? If you do, then you know him. Lewis Stokes from K Country was our DJ, and he was amazing! He came highly recommended, and boy am I glad I went with him. Not only did he keep things going and on time, he played all the best music, took requests, and even allowed Chris to pull a big one on me with the first dance surprise. When we met with him before the wedding, I knew we chose the right DJ. He was so personable, and he didn’t kick me out when I rambled on and on (I do that a lot). But he was a trooper, and we were reassured that we had made the right decision after that meeting and again at our wedding. So definitely consider Lewis for your DJ if you are planning a wedding or event. No doubt you will love him!

My photographer… I hired a friend of mines sister Marcy, whom I had only met twice. She lives in NY, but when I spoke to her about doing my photos, she made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. I flew Marcy in the Thursday before the wedding, and she spent the whole time with me helping in any way she could. At times she was helping in the kitchen, running errands with me, helping load and unload things, and of course taking photos. She was a godsend, and I am so happy that I asked her to come join us and photograph our wedding. It was almost like she was part of our family. She certainly fit in, that’s for sure. I highly recommend her to anyone in NY looking for someone to capture that special day.

And last, but certainly not least, my parents! If it wasn’t for my parents and all their support throughout all this, we couldn’t have had such a successful wedding. Not only did they help us monetarily, they helped us do it all. From decorations, crafting, cooking, loading, unloading, and sooo much more. They were my saving grace for sure! I couldn’t have done it without them, and that goes for many things in my life. I am very lucky to have the parents that I have. And I thank god for them every day!


Week 20 – My hero is FINALLY home!!!

I cannot even explain how horribly slow this week was for me. The whole week was consumed with meetings, paperwork, more meetings, and of course my mind racing 100 miles per hour! I was anxious, nervous, excited and scared all at the same time. Mostly because of our company selling, but also because my hubs was coming home.

On Thursday my husband got on the plane to head home. He decided to take the longer route home because he could travel in civilian clothes, see more countries on the way and extend his deployment time a little. His stops included Bahrain, Italy and Spain. He said he ate at most of the places and the good was horrible, lol. Sad thing is, he likes most anything. He’s a major food critic. If I make something and he says he likes it, it was delicious actually. If he says it was ok, it means to never make it again.

He finally made it to the states on Friday early morning. The flew to another AFB in VA and stayed over night. Finally on Saturday they were headed home. For some reason though their flight wasn’t scheduled to leave until 5:00pm and had a layover in Atlanta. Obviously they flew commercial. So they didn’t even arrive to the airport until 10:30pm that night. Kind of stunk having to anxiously wait the WHOLE day for them, but it was worth it.

That Friday I picked up one of the other wives. She lives in TX and decided to fly in and be here when he hubs arrived. Best part was, he has no idea 🙂 I had offered to pick him up at the airport since he was staying at the same hotel as us, so it was fairly easy to surprise him.

So needless to say, I am the happiest girl ever now that I have my lover home with me. No more lonely nights wishing he was by my side. No more worrying when I didn’t have contact for days. And no more mowing the freakin lawn! Hehehe! And we will celebrate his homecoming with a fabulous vacation in the smokey mountains. Ahhhh, I can’t wait!!!!!


Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change!

So this week has been one crazy week! On Monday I walked in the door for my workday at the company I have been working for for almost 8 years now and was told we were having a meeting. When I walked in the door I noticed there were a few people in the meeting that weren’t usually at our meetings. Well, that’s because they were there to share the news that our company has been acquired by their company. Yes, our company was sold to a bigger company.

At first I felt like I might throw up… But over the past few days I have become more comfortable with the idea and so far things seem like they will be ok. None of is have lost our jobs and our original company was kind enough to share the profits with us. It was based on our time with the company, so of course you got more the longer you have been there. We will get our bonuses in 5 installments due to the contract with our new company. But I am not complaining because being here for almost 8 years had really paid off when it comes to these bonuses. I’m not going to go into any detail, but let’s just say I will be able to have the vow renewal of my dreams, our vacation in a few weeks will be amazing, and I will be able to pay off all my debt (I don’t have much anyways) and fence my whole property. Weights that have been on my shoulders for some time now are gone. I am also reminded of how much my hard work has paid off.

I am sure it’s going to be quite the adjustment as the new company is run way different than our old one. But after time I am sure I will adjust and be just fine. It will just be a little strange around here for a while. Our comfort zone has been removed and we have to find a way to make a new one. And we will 🙂

Week 19, is it time yet?

Week 19 was an adventurous week. I spend most of it in Tampa for a work conference. It was my first conference with our Florida clients, so I was a little nervous. I have been with our company for almost 8 years and have only met a select few of our clients in FL. So I was both excited and nervous at the same time. I had all these ideas of how these people were and looked in my head, but boy was I in for a surprise with most of them.

We arrived on Wednesday morning. Spent most of that day mingling and such. Had dinner and drinks with a few clients, and hit the sack at a fairly early time. The next day my boss went golfing and told his wife and I to have a fun girls day and just enjoy ourselves. We spent the day exploring and laying at the pool. Nothing crazy. That evening there was a big dinner planned over in Ybor City. The association provided our transportation as well. When the bus showed up, we just assumed it was a normal bus inside. Well…. yeah, it was totally a party bus with stripper poles and all. And yes, people were already dancing on them before it even left the hotel.

The restaurant we went to eat at was called The Columbia Restaurant. It was hands down the best Cuban restaurant I have ever eaten at. The paella was amazing. And I am not a fan of paella at all. They had an open bar, a band and even had some dancers perform for us. It was a really cool experience. After dinner a bunch of us decided to hit the town of Ybor for some night life. A few blocks down was Coyote Ugly, so we started there. After that we head over to a karaoke bar to get our singin. Now I love to sing. I even have competitions with Carrie Underwood on a pretty consistent basis. But for some reason she only wants to compete in the shower or in the car with the windows up real tight. Not sure why, but that is just when she seems to like to do it. So I just go with it! But everyone else sang a few songs before we ate some drunk night food and crammed into a smelly cab. We were 8 deep in that thing. I fell out when the door opened because I was so squished I couldn’t hold myself in.

After the conference was over on Friday, I picked up the little man from school and rushed home to get ready for some friends  to come over to hang. So it was a crazy late night the night before, and here I had planned another night that was bound to be another crazy late nighter. Everyone brought their kids, so Tyler was happy. I had borrowed a karaoke machine in hopes to entertain everyone, but the damn thing was broke. So we just sang to the music on pandora. It was still fun. The kids were pooped, we were pooped, but it was successful and fun as always.

Saturday I had another horse show, and Sunday was cleaning day. Tyler and I gut out the whole garage and rearranged it. And then we ripped up the whole flower garden and the bricks so Chris and I can fix it. It’s a hot mess and needs a lot of work 😦

So that was week 19. And sadly, it’s not time for my soldier to come home yet. Hopefully soon though. The anticipation is killing me!

Week 18 baby! Almost over!!

Yessss… another week down people! It’s almost time for my love to come home from deployment! Only a few weeks left, but who’s counting? I can’t tell you how excited I am to have him coming home soon. Though it has been nice to have some “me” time, I have had my fill and am more than ready to give it up!

So this past week wasn’t super adventurous till the weekend. During the week I worked, cleaned, rode my pony and that was about it. But this weekend was packed with stuff! Friday night I picked up the little man and had dinner with my mother in law. Saturday we had a fundraiser for the pageant that I run for our little town. It was very successful and we made double what we had expected to make. After the fundraiser we were off to a horse show. Had a nice clean run on my pony and took home 2nd place in the 1D Novice division. I was pretty stoked about that! Then Saturday we spent the day out on the river with friends. Did some boating, swimming, cooked out, and just had a fun time hanging with everyone.

Yesterday was cleaning day for the most part. I slept in a little and then got to cleaning. After a while I got a call that my bar was ready to be picked up. I had my mom’s client build me a bar out of pallets for the wedding. He is in the process of building new cabinets for his new cabin he is remodeling, so he needed the space. I didn’t realize how big this thing is. But I am so in love with it and can’t wait to finish it!

This week I am out of town for work. Usually when I go out of town I have my hubs to care for the animals, but this time I have a house sitter. So of course I am nervous as I don’t usually leave all my animals like this. But I am sure it will all be fine. And hopefully the week will fly by so I am even closer to our homecoming. I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day and long weekend!

When all the other girls wanted to be ballerinas, I wanted to be a cowgirl!

As I was laying in the grass yesterday evening watching my horse graze, I started thinking about how blessed my life is to have what I have. Mainly speaking of my horse! When I was a little girl I had a obsession with horses. When I say obsession, that is somewhat of an understatement. I would do anything to pet a horse, feed a horse, and ride a horse. And for the longest time I never even thought I would own a horse.

When I was 8 years old we had a family move in across the street from us, and they had horses. The second I found out, I was begging to see their horses. They kept their horses a couple miles away and they let me go with them in the evenings to feed them. I am sure I was that annoying little girl sitting outside waiting for them to come home just so I could ask to help feed. I begged to ride, and I always ended up being stuck on the back of a horse. But I didn’t care as long as I was on a horse.

After a while my obsession grew stronger and I started seeking other horses to ride. There was a horse in this big cow pasture down the street and I started taking rope from my dad’s garage and would sneak over and ride this horse around the pasture. I had no idea who owned the horse, nor did I care, I just wanted to RIDE! The cops ended up coming to our house and told my parents what I was doing and at that point they knew it was time to buy me a horse.

I ended up meeting one of my parents friends that owned a horse and he would let me ride any time I wanted. So they bought them a little time. But after a while I really wanted to barrel race and started riding some other friends horse. She was an ex race horse turned barrel horse. When I met this mare, I fell in love. She was nothing to look at, but boy did we have a connection. After several shows and us kicking butt together, the owner decided to see if my parents wanted to buy her for me. She offered them a price they couldn’t refuse. I rode every single day, rain or shine. I did this for years! My horse was in the best shape ever! I also rode other peoples horses and even dabbled in some western pleasure, team penning and jumping shows. I actually excelled at all of these disciplines taking home first in my division most times, but it was too much and my passion was barrel racing.

Now here I am, 33 years old and still just as obsessed as I was when I was a little girl. I have had several horses since I got my first one, but no horse will ever be like my first. However, my mare Stitch that I have now is seriously the closest I have ever found to being almost a clone of her. From her look to her demeanor. The first time I even laid eyes on Stitch, I thought of my first horse. I truly am blessed with something a lot of people take for granite, and something a lot of people would love to have and will never have


My first horse Crazy and I at our first barrel race together. We also had her baby with us. I was only 13 here.


Baby Star and I. I think I was 14


RIP Gossip. I trained this horse and showed him English and pulled a cart with him. Miss him dearly!


Magic and I at Cracker Day right before we won sack drag.



Sterling and I. One of the biggest horses I have ever ridden. He was a blast to jump!


This was me on a friends horse. I cowgirled up that day!


Stitch and I at our first big show together!



Week 17

Oh how I would love to say this is the last week of deployment…. but it’s not! Still more to go, but really wishing it was just over now! The time was flying in the beginning, but now it’s dragging like slow thick molasses… boooo!!!! But it is nearing the end, I am an trying to be optimistic.

Week 17 was a bit of a rough week. My grandmother, whom had been staying with me since October, left to go back home to Michigan. I was very sad to see her leave as she lives in a horrible area and it’s just getting worse. She has a beautiful home that she raised her kids in and my grandfather built. But the area around her, that used to be a beautiful neighborhood, has turned into the ghetto with more crime and murders than most US cities. I believe it is in the top 5 of most dangerous cities to love in. So it’s hard to see her go back to that and not worry about her everyday. But I understand why she loves it there and doesn’t want to leave. Maybe one day we will convince her, I just hope nothing happens to her in the meantime.

So after she left, I went into spring cleaning mode. I have already gone over this in another blog, but it is still going on over at Fox Manor on the daily. You really don’t know how much stuff you have until you do something like this. I just don’t know how we went from 1000 sq ft of living space two years ago with hardly anything, to 2400 sq ft full of more stuff than we need. When we moved in, we had nothing… no couch, no dining room table, nothing but our bed, tv stand and maybe a chair. It’s insane to think of all that we have now. It’s more overwhelming honestly. I think I feel a little anxious talking about it. But this is why I am spring cleaning and getting rid of things we do not use or have not used in forever. And boy is that feeling amazing!

The weekend was nice and relaxing. Had a ladies night with some of my lady friends Friday, horse show and vet visit on Saturday and then a super relaxing beach day with one of my favorite girlfriends on Sunday. This whitey hasn’t seen the sun like that in about a year, so I was a little toasty when we got back. Nothing like I could have been, but I have learned over the years and I am careful now. I can’t stand to get fried and be miserable.

So I am ready to take down week 18 with a vengeance. A lot more spring cleaning to be had, lots of riding and plenty of pageant preparation as well. If my life wasn’t what it is, I can say it would most likely be very boring!